Ho Wood 10ml

A powerful antibacterial

Ho wood essential oil can be a good alternative to Rose Wood essential oil, whose tree is currently threatened with extinction. These two essential oils have a very close composition and similar properties: anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, regenerative and skin tonic. It is thus used to fight signs of skin ageing and skin imperfections

  • Powerful antibacterial: soothes many bacterial and viral illnesses such as dermal or gynaecological mycosis, cystitis, ENT infections, etc…
  • Powerful anti-infectious
  • Antiviral et immune stimulant 
  • Antiparasitic  (skin, mouth, gynaecologic area…)
  • Aphrodisiac, sexual tonic, ideal when mixed with massage oil and other essential oils such as ylang-ylang. Physical problems: sexual fatigue, excellent aphrodisiac…
  • Gentle analgesic
  • Skin regenerator with astringent and firming action (exceptional anti-wrinkle properties), pressure sores, acne
  • From a neurological point of view, it is effective in easing depression (light or transient), burnout and nervous fatigue
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