Pink Pepper (10ml)

The peppery oil

The pink pepper essential oil, with its peppery fragrance, can be used against the fear of lack and balance emotions. This EO with anti-inflammatory, healing and antimicrobial properties is useful for digestive or intestinal troubles.

  • Invigorating, it helps to re-energise in case of lost vitality. 
  • Warming: helps sports people to prepare their muscles before an effort and to ease muscles aches and anti-inflammatory. It brings relief to joint and muscle pain. 
  • Vasoconstrictor, it improves circulation in the legs when heavy and swollen 
  • Expectorant and antiseptic: because of its anti-bacterial properties:  it helps in case of colds, fevers, coughs, bronchitis 
  • Digestive tonic (intestinal cramps and bloating, vomiting …) 
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Brand Pacific Scents