Savory (Organic) 10ml

Effective Anti-infectious

Savoury essential oil helps to fight infections. It is, above all very effective against infections (cystitis, fungi) and general fatigue. It is also known to stimulate general tone and immune system.

  • mycobactericide: fungicide, it fights against the development and the growth of bacteria, viruses and mushrooms
  • Antiparasitic, antiviral (infectious pathologies – respiratory, intestinal, urinary and vaginal …)
  • Antifungal, albicans candida: against the infections of the skin: abscess, boil, impetigo, mange, syphilis, mycosis and also ulcers.
  • Immune stimulant:
  • Tonic and general stimulant: circulatory and digestive
  • Effective against warts
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