Sheep Sorrell Tea

ESSIAC is a world renowned herbal tea formula originally formulated by a Canadian Ojibwa healer and popularised by Canadian nurse Rene M. Caisse (Essiac spelled backwards) in the 1920’s. The bio-active herbs in Essiac tea have been used independently in naturopathic medicine for hundreds of years to help normalise general body functions. Once praised for its benefits in cancer treatments it fell out of popularity after research dispelled any cancer treatment benefits. The tea however is coming back into fashion as a general body tonic.

Essiac tea’s fundamental actions are to detoxify the body, restore the immune system and re-establish energy levels. These actions are achieved primarily by cleansing the blood, enhancing elimination of the digestive and urinary systems and nourishing and repairing individual cells by enhancing their strength and integrity. Once these actions are achieved, the body is returned to a level where it is better equipped to defeat illnesses and diseases.

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