Good N Natural was first founded in 1991 by Jay Nevin and has built a recognisable and trusted brand to provide the health food industry with high quality, chemical free and proven products to the market. Jay initially started the in Sydney and built the business up with his wife, Justine into one of the top health food wholesalers in NSW. In 2005 the business was relocated to the Gold Coast and we now focus on bringing the same knowledge and insight to South East Queensland and the North Coast of New South Wales. We are a passionate, caring and family based business looking to provide our customers with products that they can trust and share with their own customers with enthusiasm and peace of mind.

We have a wide range of products to supply from skincare and supplements to gluten free and vegan alternatives. We have a number of top brands from; Nutra Organics, Allan Suttons My Colloidal Silver and Nirvana to exclusive and custom-built ranges including; Naturo Medica, Simply Natural Oils and 13 Seeds.

We are constantly on the look out for new and up and coming suppliers who share the same mindset and focus’ as us to help and advise with growing their market with our large customer base. We currently service over 150 health food stores in our area and see our strengths in our face to face contact and providing our customers with the knowledge and confidence to bring our brands and products to market. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our suppliers and the trust they have in us to be the face of their brands in the marketplace.

The health food industry is our passion, our life, our love and it is what we do…and we do it for you.