Apricot Kernel Oil 50ml

The apricot vegetable oil is very rich in carotenoids and omega 6 which makes it excellent for beauty treatments and especially those on the face. It is known for its anti-aging effects and softening on all skin types. It is an excellent support to mix with essential oils because it allows perfect absorption and is not greasy on the skin.

  • Glowing: it brings a real glow to your skin
  • Regenerating and revitalising, it fights skin ageing and is also very good for your complexion (discreet self-tanning effect).
  • Softener: brings back elasticity and also tone to the dry skin.
  • Emollient, it nourishes the skin and therefore contributes to making it softer.
  • Nourishing: by reinforcing the hydrolipid film, it protects the skin from dehydration and nourishes dull skin

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Brand Pacific Scents