Argan Oil 50ml

Rich in vitamin E, the argan oil is used for damaged hair and dry skin. It is known for its nutritious and regenerating properties. Its fatty acids restore softness to dry skin and restore it. It is also very nutritious for dull hair and damaged nails.

  • Firming and softening: helps giving back elasticity and softness to the skin
  • Antioxidant and anti-ageing: neutralises free radicals thanks to its vitamin E content
  • Nourishing and healing, it is the friend of damaged hair and dried out skin and helps healing scars of chicken pox, chapped skin and burns
  • Skin protector, it limits the effects of climate (dryness, cold, sun, wind…)
  • Fortifies brittle nails)
  • Very fine, it is easily absorbed by the skin
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Brand Pacific Scents