Chicken Korma

This Chicken Korma Curry is a super mild and creamy because we added ground cashews for extra creaminess. The Curry Traders have adapted the traditional Korma recipe and made it their own. This gourmet spice mix needs to be ground up for the freshest flavour for your dish. The Chicken Korma Curry spice mix including 100% natural local and imported ingredients: cashews, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, fenugreek, bay leaves, cloves, pepper, chilli, cardamom.

Chicken Korma Curry is an unforgettable dish that the whole family will enjoy and everyone will be asking for more. This milk and creamy curry is thickened with ground nuts (cashews) for added creaminess. Chicken korma is best prepared the day before to get the best flavours in the marinated chicken. To make this curry dish use the gourmet spice mix and add skinless chicken pieces, onions, cream and a few other basic ingredients to create this tasty dish. Preparation time requires 1 hour to overnight to marinade the chicken and cook time is a little of an hour to fully prepare this dish. This Chicken Korma Curry is best served with balsamic rice to let the curry flavours stand out as a classic accompanied side to Indian curries. Also serve with pappadams and lime pickle for a traditional take on this creamy and flavoursome tasting meal.

This Chicken Korma is mild in heat. 

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