Crystal Deodorant Spray 125ml

Natural and Reduces Sweat

Deonat is made from Ammonium Alum, and is completely free of any type of preservatives, colors, or other ingredients. By staying simplistic, Deonat Natural Crystal Deodorant allows the body to breathe and function the way it should, without introducing any harmful toxins. Deonat Uses the Alum Crystal, which is a naturally occurring salt to draw the perspiration away from your skin and keep your body dry. This helps to reduce sweat and relieve the many different problems that bacteria can bring to moist skin. Deonat Natural Crystal Deodorant also helps to fight off the bacteria that cause your body to smell, keeping you smelling fresh and clean, rather than covering up the smell of your body. Deonat can be worn all day, and will last for hours on end, without needing re-application.

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Brand Deonat Natural Crystal