Frankincense 10ml

Calmness, serenity and relaxation…

The frankincense essential oil, with a sweet warm fragrance, helps to regain serenity and create a nice atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. Cleansing, it allows to release the airway and stimulate the organism. It is also remarkable for dry skin.

  • Anti-depressive 
  • Anti-infectious: it prevents fungal development
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healing: it limits contamination of the area by bacteria and stimulates skin protection
  • Relaxing: ideal for creating a feeling of meditation, relaxation, self-help
  • Anti-catarrh, expectorant: it makes the mucus fluid thus favouring its expulsion and freeing the respiratory tract
  • Stimulates the immune system: increase of the organism’s natural defences, and making it less vulnerable to infections
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