Frankincense (Organic) 10ml

Helps to relieve fear, anxiety or stress

The frankincense essential oil soothes tensions and is suitable in case of decreasing mood. Associated with other essential oils in diffusion, it helps to avoid the inconveniences of incense sticks smoke and create ambiences welcoming meditation. It stimulates immune defenses and acts as anticatarrahal to the respiratory tract.
  • Anti-depressive 
  • Anti-infectious: prevents fungal development
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healing: it limits contamination of the area by bacteria and stimulates skin protection
  • Relaxing: ideal for creating a feeling of meditation, relaxation, self-help
  • Anti-catarrh, expectorant: it makes the mucus fluid thus favouring its expulsion and freeing the respiratory tract
  • Stimulates the immune system: it increases the organism’s natural defences and makes it less vulnerable to infections
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Brand Pacific Scents