Grapefruit 10ml

The slimming oil 

This oil is dynamizing and refreshing, it is perfect in diffusion to clean the air while promoting relaxation. It also has cosmetic benefits, which are particularly useful for hair loss and oily skin. Antiseptic and detoxifying, this oil is used in particular against digestive problems and to stimulate the nervous system.

  • Therapeutic properties for skin and hair care
  • Aerial antiseptic 
  • Digestive stimulant, liver and kidney drainer, detoxifying, it helps to eliminate over-eating
  • Draining, diuretic and cleansing, it eliminates fluid retention problems and fosters slimming
  • Lipolytic, it enhances the ability for adipose cells to get rid of the fat they contain
  • Nervous tonic
  • Relaxing, it eases muscle pain
  • Slows down hair loss
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Brand Pacific Scents