Neem Toothpaste 125g

Fresh Spearmint flavour.

For thousands of years Indians used a twig from the Neem Tree to prevent decay and gingivitis (gum infection) and to-day the Henkel company in India has incorporated those benefits into the Neem Toothpaste.

It is extremely popular as it cleans your teeth and leaves them sparkling and your mouth has that fresh spearmint taste. All the family will love it as it is mild and not abrasive.

Other components of the toothpaste include Menthol, Peppermint as a mouth freshener; Spearmint (antibacterial); Clove Oil (as an antiseptic); methyl salysalate as astringent (helps to tighten gums making them strong enough to resist inflammation) and as well as Irish Moss (to make it creamy).Contains 1000 parts per million max. of fluoride when packed (or 1 part fluoride to 1,000).

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Brand Neeming Australia