Neroli Blend (25%) 10ml

An exceptional soother!

Reassuring and calming, it relieves anxiety, depression, struggle against insomnia and soothes a nerve crisis! It is also known for its regenerating skin properties to treat wrinkles or dry skin.

  • Anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-mycobacterial: fights germs and mycobacteria (bacteria responsible for certain illnesses such as tuberculosis and leprosy)
  • Anti-parasitic: fights against parasites present in the body such as lamblia and lice
  • Digestive tonic, it stimulates the liver and pancreas 
  • Helps reduce blood pressure and cardiac rhythm: increases tone of venal walls. It also helps blood circulation by promoting vasodilatation and thus regulating high blood pressure
  • Skin tonic, it improves skin quality
  • Nervous tonic, antidepressant: it increases energy and rebalances the nervous system. It also creates a peaceful effect that helps depression.
  • Motivating: Gives back vitality and self-belief, easing anxiety and fears
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Brand Pacific Scents