Oregano (Organic) 30ml

The fight against bacteria

The oregano essential oil is a very effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral, it fights against all types of infections: viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungal infection or bronchitis, gastro-enteritis… It is fortifying and immune stimulant, its dynamising action is helping an overall well being.

  • Powerful antibacterial used in a large spectrum and also bactericide. It acts as an antibiotic by fighting infections due to Mycobacterium (bacteria responsible for illnesses such as tuberculosis and leprosy).
  • Fungicide: it destroys fungi such as Candida albicans
  • Antiviral et immune stimulant: it increases the body’s defences against pathogens
  • Motivating 
  • Deworming: fights intestinal parasites
  • Mucolytic: it frees the respiratory tract and eases expectoration and breathing
  • General tonic: it stimulates numerous body functions and assists in keeping a good overall wellbeing
  • Physical, mental and sexual stimulant: it fights tiredness and improves mental and sexual functions
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