Peppermint (Organic) 30ml

Excellent for indigestion and nausea

Peppermint essential oil is very useful and effective for refreshing the air in your home and getting rid of bad smells.

  • Anti-spasmodic, anti-infectious and pain relief
  • Intestinal and urinary anti-inflammatory
  • It is a regulator and general stimulant on the cardiac, digestive, pancreatic and nervous system
  • Anaesthetic and analgesic, antipruritic, that is, it calms itches 
  • Refreshing 
  • Nasal, hepatic and prostatic decongestant 
  • Microbicide, bactericide, fungicide and antiseptic
  • Anti-catarrh and expectorant
  • Emmenagogue, it is thereby assisting menstruation
  • Anti-nausea
  • Muscular relaxant
  • Skin regenerator
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Brand Pacific Scents