Sage Officinalis (Organic) 10ml

The Sage officinale, not to be confused with the Clary Sage, has a high content of thujone, a ketone toxic to the nervous system when used for a long time. Harmonizing, it promotes the feminine balance, it is useful during menopause, for excessive perspiration or oily skin.

  • Specific antibacterial (gram-positive cocci, golden staph and streptococcus)
  • Antifungal (Candida albicans)
  • Potent antiviral
  • It is expectorant
  • Stimulates bile and pancreatic secretions, assists in lowering cholesterol level
  • It is lipolytic, that’s why it facilitates fat elimination
  • Similar action as oestrogen: to clarify, it regulates menstrual cycles and relieves troubles linked to menstrual cycles and menopause
  • Skin healer
  • It is tonic for blood circulation and diuretic
  • Antispasmodic, relaxing, neuro-tonic and also an aphrodisiac

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