Silk Ultra sensitive Soap120g

Unique French Recipe

Our Silk soap is made up of Vegetable Oils, Neem, Cacao butter and Vitamin E to clean and deeply moisturise your skin.

Silky smooth

Our Silk soap is silky smooth with a luxurious lather that pampers your skin.

Unperfumed so suits even those delicate and allergy prone skins.

During manufacture our soap has been triple milled with heavyweight rollers 3-4 times to break down the gritty crystals that form in the soap when it is being made.

This gives a creamy smooth and high-quality finish to the soap. 

Most soap manufacturers use a lightweight roller and only mill the soap once, so you are not getting the highest quality that the Triple Milling gives you.

So, this is a luxury you can afford.

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Brand Neeming Australia