Bombay Masala

This gourmet spice curry mix for the Bombay Masala Curry is inferno hot and should only be consumed by ultimate spice and heat lovers. Made from 100% natural local and imported ingredients, you’ll find the following traditional spices in this gourmet mix: chilli, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, star anise and more. We combined the sweetness of cinnamon and coriander with the pungency of turmeric, cumin and paprika and carefully overlaid these spices with an INFERNO OF CHILLI. Bombay Masala Curry is set to tantalise, tingle then blaze your taste buds.

To make this extreme heat Bombay Masala Curry, use the gourmet spice mix, grind the spices and add beef, diced tin tomatoes, red chillies and a few other basic ingredients to make this hot and tasty curry. Serve this curry with balsamic rice and garnish with lemon wedge to compliment the strong and spicy flavours of this curry. Also add pappadams and a dollop of natural yogurt for a traditional garnish to ease the spice and let the curry flavours stand out. This longer-cook curry is a must-try and perfect for trying something new on the weekend or for a special occasion. If you or your guests love the heat, you will love our Bombay Masala Curry.

This Bombay Masala Curry is very hot in heat. 

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