Butter Chicken

Our Butter Chicken Curry Gourmet spice mix is our top selling product and recipe mix.

As a favourite in every household, you’ll love this cream and tomato based curry that’s a perfect meal for any day of the week. This wholesome curry dish uses local and imported spices including nutmeg, paprika, cinnamon, coriander and more to create this tasty butter chicken spice mix. This Butter Chicken Curry mix contains no chilli and is a classic dish to serve to all of your family, friends and the pickiest of eaters. 

This perfect blend of traditional Indian spices will leave you wanting more. This Butter Chicken Curry dish is loaded with cream, yoghurt and plenty of butter for a luxurious and decadent meal. This dish is eaten as comfort food for many people across the globe and is known as India’s best curry. To make this Butter Chicken Curry, use the gourmet spice mix, grind the spices and add chicken thighs or breast, lemon, onion, crushed tomatoes, cream and a few other basic ingredients to create this delicious dish. The preparation time requires 1 hour to marinade the chicken and 40 minutes to cook time for oven and stovetop steps. Serve this dish with balsamic rice and mango pickle for a traditional and tasty addition to this classic recipe.

This Butter Chicken is mild in heat. 

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